Venison Valley

Located at 45.426524, -80.256998 off Dillon Road. Take exit 241 on the Trans-Canada highway 400 then continue West on the 559 until it turns into Dillon Road. The crag is just off the road. 30 minutes away from downtown Parry Sound.

Disclaimer: Climbing is dangerous. I am not responsible if you hurt yourself by using the information in this guide. To the best of my ability I have tried to make this is a safe spot to climb but not all circumstances can be avoided.

Venison Valley is a 5 meter high rock ledge/cave. It is the closest bouldering spot to Parry Sound. Almost every route has been climbed in 2020 and the area is safe to climb! If you need to clean any of the routes DO NOT USE a wire brush, as this makes the climbs harder than they need to be. Also in Dillon, 7 minutes away, there are 6 boulder problems at The Eavestrough 7 minutes away, Brooks Landing has 4 boulder problems. 10 minutes away, Hobbits Ridge has 6 boulder problems.

I did not develop a single route/ climb here. I was told about the spot and made the guide for it. I do not know any history of the place. Nothing here would be worth jumping on a plane to climb here however if you’re in the area there are about 14 boulder problems here. I highly suggest 3 bouldering pads. For Boulder Problem #9 you’ll want 4 pads.

Like always if you have grade feedback/disagree/agree with the grades let me know. Either message me Daniel Hefford on Facebook or in the comments section below.

20200425_164620 1-61.  Things and stuff V? This is the warm up area.
2.  Hand in my Pocket V5/6. Sit start climb out on two small  pockets. The rock under the cave is in. The problem ends when you match the protruding rock at the top.
3.  Boulder Problem # 3 V6. Same start as Hand in my Pocket. Climb right and end the climb matching the protruding rock at the top.

20200425_1647514 54.  Boulder Problem # 4 V4. Sit start matching on a protruding rock. Boulder under the cave is out. Climb right and end on a protruding rock.
5.  Boulder Problem # 5 V5. Sit start climb straight up  No need to top out.

20200425_164413 6 -146.  Boulder Problem # 6 V2. Start on rail and climb straight up. Finish on last pocket.
7.  Boulder Problem # 7 V3/4 Start on slopper and climb left a little. No top out required.
8.  Boulder Problem # 8 V5 Start on jug. Crux is the first move. Climb straight up using a few  pockets. There is a pocket at the top to top out. (sketchy)
9.  Boulder Problem # 9 V5 Two hand start on crimp. Get up into the lay back then climb straight up. No top out required.

10-1410.  Boulder Problem # 10 V3 Start by climbing left and head right into pockets.
11.  Right Slab at ya V2 Climb up the slab then top out just to the left.
12.  Boulder Problem # 12 V7/8/9/10… Really tough. Sit down start then climb left up the slab to the glue in.
13. Boulder Problem # 13 V5 Same sit down start but climb right. Pretty demanding first moves on crimps. Then a fairly easy arête section and then two tough final moves. There are two bolts if your want to sport climb it.
14. Boulder Problem # 14 V? Looks tough.

If your looking for other places to climb in Parry Sound click the link below for an interactive map