Boulder Bay

Disclaimer: Climbing is dangerous. I am not responsible if you hurt yourself by using the information in this guide.


Boulder Bay is located at: 45.387227, -80.118658. The entire crag is on crown land. Along with the surrounding area. There is a thunder box around 45.386703, -80.119525.
I did not develop a single route/ climb here. I was told about the spot and made the guide for it. I do not know any history of the place. If you do I would love to talk to you. Most routes here need to be brushed. Mainly pine needles. A leaf blower works great.

There are four possible parking spots.
1. Nobel beach is located at 45.408415, -80.109221 3.4 km away. You can park here for free all day without issue. This is not a boat launch but caters to kayaks and canoes.
2. George Hunt Memorial Boat Launch located at 45.390435, -80.074360 6.2 km away This is a public boat launch with very strict NO PARKING overnight unless you are a Mcdougall resident.
3. Smelter Wharf Parry Sound located at 45.351124, -80.048082 9.2 km away with 4 km of open water. This is a public boat launch with a very gray area for overnight parking. Signs say it is not allowed however I know many who have. Proceed at your own risk.
4. For over night trips park at Carling Bay Marina. Located at 45.405296, -80.169311. It is a 5 km paddle.
Here is a video of a short left to right fly by of the cliff:

I would love route information if anyone has climbed these. Most of the 13 routes are fairly dirty.

1. Unnamed 5.? (Sport) 1 Bolt

2. Unnamed 5.? (Sport) 1 Bolt Still needs a good clean. Climb straight up.
3. Bear Paw # 1 5.11b (Sport) Climb straight up. Still needs a good clean.
4Unnamed 5.? (Trad/aid) 1 Bolt. Tricky start up to an obvious crack that takes small gear.
5Unnamed 5.? (Trad/aid) 1 Bolt. Follow the obvious crack all the way left. Your call if you want to lower at the end or climb up to the bolt at the end and top out. (not sure if there are anchors at the top for someone to follow)???
6Bear Paw # 2 5.? (Sport) 3 Bolts
7Bear Paw # 3 5.? (Sport) 3 Bolts
8Bear Paw # 4 5.? (Sport) 3 Bolts

9Bear Paw # 5 5.? (Sport) X amount of bolts
10Bear Paw # 5 5.? (Sport) X amount of bolts
11. Unnamed 5.10a (Sport) 1 bolt climb straight up under the bolt. Tricky mantle.
12. Unnamed 5.9 (Sport) 1 bolt climb straight up under the bolt. Tricky mantle. Cleaned 08/2020
13. True Grit 5.10a/b(Trad) Follow the obvious crack to anchors.

If your looking for other places to climb in Parry Sound click the link below for an interactive map

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