Lake Cliff

Lake cliff is a crumbly sandstone mess with fantastic routes scattered among it. It is entirely on crown land but requires a boat to access it.20200621_154034 edit final

1. Cake Walk 5.9- Trad. Climb straight up the slab under the bolt line. #3 cam in the horizontal crack. FA: Tom Warrilow
2. Casual Crux Mixed 1 bolt. 5.9 Cleaned 2021 06 20 Place gear up the obvious seam up the a horizontal crack. clip the bolt and climb straight up. There is a loose rock in the horizontal crack it is bomber and is pretty key for making the move up. FA: Joe Pearson
3. Event Horizon 4 bolts sport. 5.10a. Cleaned 2021 06 20 Climb straight up the bolt line. This route is hidden in the photo and is opposite Casual Crux. FA Joe Pearson
4. Triple Arrete XBolts sport 5.11. Climb the arete all the way up to the anchors (glue ins). Just to the right of Event Horizon. FA Joe Pearson
5. Eco-Terrorist 5 bolts sport 5.11d This route was thoroughly cleaned 2021 06 20. It was re-named by the individual who cleaned it in 2021. FA Joe Pearson
6. Abracadabra Ice. It is named Abracadabra because this ice route doesn’t always appear. There are a few bolts that are sometimes visible. There are top anchors. 
7. Unnamed #7 This is an Ice climb to anchors really easy and forms quite thick
8. Unnamed #8 Mixed 2 bolts. This is a gully climb climb straight up to a tree anchor.
9. Unnamed #9 X Unfinished route. There are top anchors
10. Unnamed #9 X Unfinished route. There are top anchors
11. To Infinity and Beyond Trad 5.10a. Climb straight up. The route was cleaned and top anchors installed 07/2022. FA Matt Naunheimer 07/2022

20210521_180720 edit12 Unnamed Trad 5.9 Top anchors installed 2018 FA Eric Csekey 07/2022
13. Death Trap Trad 5.9 Named because two fridge sized boulders were removed from this route while cleaning. Last cleaned 06/2020. FA Matt Naunheimer 06/2020
14. Easy way up. Class 2 scramble at most. 

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