Brooks Landing

Located at 45.436546, -80.334869 right off Sand Bay Rd. Take exit 241 on the Trans-Canada highway 400. Follow the 559 until it turns into Dillon Rd. Follow Dillon Rd until Sand Bay Rd. Drive down Sand Bay Rd until you hit Brooks landing on your left. 750 meters down Brooks Landing you will see a large gravel “Parking area” DO NOT PARK HERE. Park off the road beside this. THIS GRAVEL SPOT IS PRIVATE LAND. DO NOT PARK OR WALK THROUGH IT!

DisclaimerClimbing is dangerous. I am not responsible if you hurt yourself by using the information in this guide. To the best of my ability I have tried to make this a safe spot to climb, but not all circumstances can be avoided.

Brooks Landing is an awesome bouldering spot out in Dillon (30 minutes from downtown Parry Sound). Every route was cleaned 2019/04 and the area is ready to climb! If you need to clean any of the routes DO NOT USE a wire brush, as this makes the climbs harder than they need to be. There are not enough climbs here for a full day, but only 3.5 minutes away there are 6 boulder problems at Hobbits Ridge  45 seconds away Eavestrough has 6 boulder problems. 7 minutes away Venison Valley  has 14 tougher boulder problems. 

20190504_145632 edit smallerDo NOT PARK IN THE GRAVEL AREA. There is tons of parking to the left.

Park just before the gravel spot and hike to the left of it until the end of the gravel spot. There is a narrow path and this is where the crown land starts. Keep walking back past the skeleton of a tipi tent. Keep heading west another 50 m and you’ll find Brooks Landing. Brooks Landing gets sun starting around 3:30 pm until sunset. It is 22 meters long and 3.5 meters tall at it’s highest point.

Right Side 1 2

1. Boulder Problem 1 V1 Short little traverse with a really cool kneebar.
2. Traverse Left V2/3 22 meter long traverse. The crux is above the cave. You can make this as easy or as hard as you want.

Editted me

3. “Here’s Johnny” V5 Start at the back of the cave and climb straight out of it on manufactured holds.
4. Traverse Right V2/3 22 meter long traverse. The crux is above the cave. You can make this as easy or as hard as you want.

If your looking for other places to climb in Parry Sound click the link below for an interactive map





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