Hobbits Ridge

Parking located at 45.439848, -80.367383. Hobbits Ridge is located at 45.440572, -80.366957. There are two or three spots to park on Sand Bay Rd, then a short 100 meter hike. Take exit 241 on the Trans-Canada Highway 400. Follow the 559 until it turns into Dillon Rd. Follow Dillon Rd. until Sand Bay Rd. and follow that until you hit Hobbits Ridge.

20180506_140351Parking has enough room for 2 or 3 cars. There is parking a few hundred meters further down the road. Follow the trail through the trees. The trail is only 100 meters.

Hobbits Ridge is an awesome bouldering spot out in Dillon (30 minutes from downtown Parry Sound). Every route was cleaned 2019/04 and the area is ready to climb! If you need to clean any of the routes DO NOT USE a wire brush on small holds, as this makes the climbs harder than they need to be. There are not enough climbs here for a full day, but only 3.5 minutes away there are 6 boulder problems at The Eavestrough https://ontarioadventurer.ca/eavestrough/. 4 minutes away, Brooks Landing https://ontarioadventurer.ca/brooks-landing/ has 4 boulder problems. 10 minutes away, Venison Valley https://ontarioadventurer.ca/venison-valley/ has 14 much tougher boulder problems.

Pano routes

  1. “That still only counts as one!” V2 (3 meters tall) Start on the big bulge the size of Gimli’s head then traverse right to a big throw upwards. This is a phenomenal V2 boulder problem! Here is a video of the beta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJ4kOfd6KgI
  2. Elven Rope VB- (7 meters tall) Frodo was blinded but could still use the Elven Rope. This is a very easy route.
  3. Gandalf’s Beard VB (8 meters) Climb around the obvious overhang. The wind you feel while climbing this route is subtly whispering, “fly, you fools”.
  4. Barad-dûr (Upper variation) V1 (7 meters) Stay on top of the overhang using the large jugs. You’ll know you’re doing it right if it feels pretty easy. Once you get to a large two handed, jug pull up and over.
    Barad-dûr (Lower variation) V4 (7 meters) Stay low on through the overhang on great feet with small crimps. Throw to either the quartz eyeball or two-handed jug. Using the rock on the right drops this climb down a grade. Named Barad-dûr because this is the hardest climb here.
  5. “Anyway, you need people of intelligence on this sort of quest… Mission… Thing. Well that rules you out Pip!” V1 (7 meters tall) Start to the right of the overhang and climb until you hit the two handed jug and pull up and over. Hopefully you’ve had second breakfast.
  6. Lembas VB (5 meters) Named after the bread that keeps you going. This route is super easy and can be conquered by even the most tired adventured climbers.

20190425_153546 edit small

There is potentially a route 7 and 8. Route 7 being the crack and route 8 being just to the right of the crack.

If your looking for other places to climb in Parry Sound click the link below for an interactive map

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