Grundy Lake Provincial Park: Gut Lake Trail, Swan Lake Trail, Beaver Dam Trail

Every year I try to visit a Provincial Park while it’s closed. The advantages to this is it’s free and you don’t have to worry about others. This year, I visited Grundy Lake Provincial Park. The park usually opens early May and closes shortly after thanksgiving weekend. There are over 400 campsites , three hiking trails, eight beaches and several lakes to fish in. The gate is at the entrance so I brought my bike to get around.

20171022_154326 edit smallPark entrance.

I had free reign of the park. So I took my time biking around.

20171022_130616Grundy Lake.

Gut Lake Trail: The trail map says 2.5 km but my gps said 3.2 km. Like most Canadian Shield hikes there are tons of signs glacial retreat. There are random boulders that just appear out of nowhere. Mid way through the hike there is a rope swing into Gut Lake.

20171022_133246Rope swing into Gut Lake.

The hike was very straight foreword and uneventful. I’d suggest shoes with support because the rocks can be hard on your knees.

After the hike It was about a 1.6 km bike ride to Swan Lake Trail.

Swan Lake Trail: This is a short 2 km hike with a little bit of elevation gain. This is an absolutely awesome trail! There are quite a few board walks over and through marsh land.

20171022_145248 editBoardwalk along Swan Lake Trail.

A 1.1 km bike ride further into the park and I got to my last trail of the day

Beaver Dam Trail: I recorded 2.7 km on my gps. However the full trail is 3.6 km. This trail goes through a lot of marsh land and it was a very wet summer. So the last extension of the trail was closed. Unfortunately, for most of the trail you could hear transport trucks driving by on the nearby 69 highway. There were tons of boardwalks through most of the trail.

Four Board WalksJust four of the boardwalks on the trail.

20171022_153007 edit goodAlong Beaver Dam Trail, the highway is in the distance.

After the Beaver Dam trail it was a 3.8 km bike ride back to the front gate.

20171022_154652End of trip selfie.

Click on the BOX icon to make the Google Map full screen, to see all the photos I took and where they were taken. Click on the Blue photo symbol to see all the photos. There are 15 in total. I colour coded each hike: blue for Gut Lake trail, purple for Swan Lake trail, and green for Beaver Dam trail.

Gut Lake Trail: 3.2 km hike
Swan Lake Trail:
2.0 km hike
Beaver Dam Trail:
2.7 km hike
Biking: 8.1 km


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