Parry Sound: Ice Caves on Big Whitefish Lake

If your looking for something to do for a few hours in the Parry Sound area during winter, I highly suggest checking out the ice caves on Big Whitefish Lake. They are much shorter than the ones on Boy Lake. Click the link to see the ones on Boy Lake . However, you can crawl through them which makes for a great time.

Here are two photos from inside the cave.20190218_123427 edit small

20190218_124323 edit small

The caves are located at 45.282453, -79.774917. See the map below for parking and location details.
Here is a short video of the caves:

Click on the BOX icon to make the Google Map full screen, to see all the photos I took and where they were taken. If you do this on your android phone the next you go on Google Maps this map will still be loaded. As long as you have data you’ll be able to follow this map. Click on the Blue photo symbol to see all the photos.

The Yellow option involves parking at the Humphrey Nature Trails. From here hike the Moose tracks trail then bushwack through until you hit Big Whitefish lake. The total is about an 8 km round trip.

The Green option involves parking at a mailbox off of Todds road. I would not suggest doing this if it is snowing because you might get towed. This is a 5 km round trip.

The Purple option involves parking at the boat launch that is not plowed. A truck is required here and depending on how much snow we got that season may not be possible. This a 4.5 km round trip.

The Pink option involves parking just off the side of the road there is a parking lot of sorts. It may or may not be accessible depending on how much it has snowed. This is a 6 km round trip.

Or you can kindly ask someone who lives close by to park at their property for the length of time you think it’ll take you to check out the ice caves. This is what I did.

If you are on a snowmobile there are two close by parking lots. You can park at the Parry Sound airport (much closer) or at the Super 8 Parry Sound. From there take Trail C until you hit 201 North. Follow that until the 350 which goes over Little Whitefish Lake. From here travel North to Big Whitefish lake and the ice caves.


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