Parry Sound: Mill Lake

It was 10 degrees, sunny and very little wind so perfect weather for a kayak. I was supposed to go climbing that day but the wall we were going to was just to wet. I borrowed my friend Rob’s kayak strapped, it on my car and drove about 10 minutes to Mill Lake. The water was about 3 degrees Celsius so made sure to try and stay as close to the shore as I could. I was using a very stable kayak just in case a weird side wind hit me. There were still a few floating ice islands that I just had to take a selfie with. My goal was to go check out a potential climbing wall. Its about 150 feet high with canoe belay as the face goes into the water. I didn’t want to get to close to the rock to see how deep it was by the face. Could be a few deep water solo routes.


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