Park to Park Part 2: Woods to Algonquin Park

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Sunset at my campsite @45.346651, -79.163688 (Day 12)

Day 12 Walls to Huntsville
April 1st 2017
I parked my car in Woods near the Seguin trail and started on a two day trip. My goal after the two days was to get to Huntsville or maybe a little further. However, I found myself having more energy than I thought. It was a beautiful sunny day and so km after km I just kept pushing on. Half of the trail bounced between road and snowmobile trail. It was very well marked the whole way probably because the trail follows the Trans-Canada trail (The Great Trail) until you hit Huntsville. I was making great time so I decided to eat dinner in Huntsville and sleep somewhere there. I found a great spot off of the Fairy Vista Trail.

Rapids Section 1 Pano
A section of the Oxtongue Rapids (Day 13)

Day 13 Huntsville to Oxtongue Rapids
April 2nd 2017
I Woke up in the morning, and had some oatmeal breakfast. Packed my backpack and set off. Josée was picking me up along the 60 somewhere so I knew I had to make it as far as the 60. The entire portion of the trail was along the road. The sun was out, however blisters started to get in the way of progress. I took an extended break at the Oxtongue rapids and decided that was enough for me. All in all a good weekend giving me 56km of progress.

Oxtongue Lake (Day 14)

Day 14 Oxtongue Rapids to Algonquin Park West Gate
May 7th 2017
The home stretch. I parked my car at the rapids and set off. I’ve driven through Oxtongue several times but never fully had a chance to appreciate the bridge overlooking Oxtongue lake. Even on a gloomy day it still looked great. From there I just kept along the 60. Being a Sunday there wasn’t a whole lot of traffic heading into the park however there was quite a bit of people getting their first paddle in before the bugs. It was a great feeling arriving at the finish line! But then I had to get back to my car. Luckily I met a wonderful family willing to give me a ride back.

Victory Selfie (Day 14)

Blurry photo of my hitchhiking buddies in their BMW! I forgot the wife’s name but the driver Mike with his daughter Sophie.

There are 33 photos on the google my maps so make sure to Full screen it by clicking the little box BOX (This symbol) on the top right of google maps link. Also if you want any gpx/kml files shoot me an e-mail.

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