Parry Sound: The Big Sound

Katie on the bayKatie on the Georgian bay. In the distance: Elizabeth Island.

May 23rd 2017 – Paddle on the bay
One day after work Josée and I decided to go for a paddle on the Georgian Bay. We went to my co-workers Katie’s place and from there we did a short paddle along Huckleberry Island. Our goal was to get to Hole in the Wall passage, but the sun was setting too quickly so we returned.

Group Selfie.

June 10th 2017 and July 3rd 2017 – Two climbing trips on Elizabeth Island
On my first trip out, I kayaked out to Elizabeth Island starting at the boat launch at the end of George Hunt Memorial Drive. It’s a 2 km paddle out to the beach. When I got there, there were already a few boats just hanging out. A lot of the island is crown land so there are a few campsites if you want to stay the night. I spent the rest of the day climbing. Most of the routes are bolted as mixed routes or x/r rated sport routes. Most of the crux moves are protected if you stick clip them. There’s also a bunch of bouldering routes if you have a bunch of crash pads. Here’s a video of a climb:

20170610_182951View of the beach and rock cliff.

For the second trip out, I went with my friends Jess and Pat. We boated out from Jess’s parents’ house on the bay. We went for a swim and a climb.

20170703_140922Jess and Pat getting ready to climb.

August 16th, 2017 Huckleberry Island with co-workers
Rob, Katie and I decided to paddle out on a weeknight to a small cabin Katie’s family owns on Huckleberry Island. It was Katie’s last day at work the next day so we decided to celebrate. We paddled out for 4.5 km to the cabin. We swam, we relaxed, we watched the stars, and we had a good time on the bay. The next morning, we did the exact same paddle at 5 am so that I be on time to work. It was a rough day at work, but worth the adventure. The cover photo was taken from Huckleberry Island.

Untitled-2Top Left: selfie before setting off, bottom Left: Rob mid backflip, center: sunrise, right: Snapchat screencap (6am paddle home)

Click on the BOX icon to make the Google Map full screen, to see all the photos I took and where they were taken. Click on the Blue photo symbol to see all the photos. There are 14 in total. I colour coded each day blue for May 23rd, orange for June 10th, and yellow/purple for August 16th.



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