Limberlost Forest Wildlife Reserve

I was looking for trails closer to home and came across the Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve. They have over 70 kilometers of hiking trails with five main loop trails that I was able to piece together with their trail map.

August 13th 2017
Solitaire Lake loop: This trail is a 6.3 km loop trail around Solitaire lake. This is the first time I tried hiking with running shoes. There was water running down to Solitaire Lake all along the trail, which made for some really wet feet.  There are a few cool boardwalks along the side of the lake. The cover photo is a panoramic taken from on top of Echo rock.

20170813_125609Solitaire Lake with Echo rock in the background.

20170813_133451Boardwalk along the side of Solitaire Lake.

Turtle Lake loop/Clear Lake loop: This trail is a 4.7 km loop around Clear Lake and Turtle Lake. There is a floating bridge between the two lakes, but the loop can be completed without crossing the bridge. The trail is very well maintained and relatively flat with a few rolling hills.

After both trails, I went for a swim in Solitaire lake.

20170813_145224Turtle Lake. In the distance: the gap between the lakes.

September 17th 2017
Buck Lake Loop: This is a 4.3 km loop around Buck lake. The trail is a little muddy but very well maintained. Mid way through the trail, there is a small cabin to take shelter in or warm up in during the winter. The trail starts and ends at a nice little beach.

Buck LakeBuck Lake.

High Lake loop: The parking for the High Lake Loop was closed so I decided to run to the trail head then continued running through the rest of the trails. The trails here are so well maintained that I’d highly recommend coming here for trail running. This is a 2.1 km loop around High Lake. Around 300 meters in, there was a dry waterfall that would probably look spectacular in the spring.

20170917_155455Dried up waterfall.

Hickory Lake Trail: This is a very well maintained 2.3 km trail. About 800 meters in, there’s a view of Hickory lake.

20170917_163029Hickory Lake.

Like last time, I went for another swim in Solitaire lake to cool off after my run.

Click on the BOX icon to make the Google Map full screen, to see all the photos I took and where they were taken. Click on the Blue photo symbol to see all the photos. There are 31 in total. I colour coded each hike: blue for Solitaire Lake loop, purple for Turtle Lake loop, orange for Buck Lake loop, brown for High Lake loop and green for Hickory Lake trail.

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