Arrowhead Provincial Park: Stubb’s Falls Trail, Beaver Meadow Trail, Mayflower Lake Trail, Homesteaders Trail, Lookout Trail

Arrowhead Provincial Park has been on my bucket list since early 2017 and so I wanted to check it out as early as I could this year. In the winter they have snowshoeing, cross country skiing, winter cabins to rent, and a really cool ice skating trail. In the summer there are a bunch of hiking trails, tons of campsites to book, a few beaches, canoe, kayak and bike rentals, and a nice waterfall to visit.

I would never recommend anyone hike in Ontario in June because of the mosquitoes/black flies, but if you do wear long sleeves and pants.

I arrived at Arrowhead Provincial Park around 9:30 am, got my day pass then drove over to Stubb’s Falls Trail.

Stubb’s Falls Trail: This trail is actually quite boring until you get to the waterfall. Stubb’s Falls is quite picturesque which makes up for trail. The trail is in great shape and is only a 2.6 km loop. I’d suggest getting there early in the morning because the falls can get quite popular.

20180609_103005Stubb’s Falls.

Here is a video of the falls:

Arrowhead lake Loop + Beaver Meadow Trail: The Beaver Meadow Trail is an extension of the Arrowhead Lake Loop. This trail is a very well maintained 8.6 km loop. It starts and ends at one of the beaches on Arrowhead Lake. The Arrowhead Lake Loop is a bike trail that loops around Arrowhead Lake.

20180609_122540Arrowhead Lake.

The Beaver Meadow Trail is slightly narrower with several man made bridges, streams and a small pond. I was fortunate enough to see a beaver swimming in the pond. The beaver Meadow Trail ends where there used to be an old farm.

20180609_121250Beaver Meadow “pond”.

From here I drove to check out the “Big Bend Lookout”. The Feature image at the top is the “Big Bend”.


Mayflower Lake Trail: I had a hard time figuring out exactly where this trail was supposed to go. There was a long trail and short trail. I seemed to have done a combination of the two because I followed all the long trail signs but my route is not the suggested 2 km on the trail map. My modified loop took 1.5 km along Mayflower Lake. It is a really nice single track trail with several boardwalks and scenic views of the lake.

20180609_131752Mayflower Lake.

Homesteaders Trail: This 2.9 km trail follows an ATV trail until there is a short detour into long grass where an old homestead used to be. If you like looking at old rubble and rusty metal I’d suggest this trail but I would not recommend this trail to anyone.

20180609_134354 edit smallMilk House.

Lookout Trail: The last trail of the day is a 2.9 km loop. This is a cycling trail so it was wide enough for an ATV to drive through. There were several informative signs along the trail telling you about bears and trees. The lookout offers a great view of the park. There is a park bench were you can relax listening to the falls only a few hundred meters below.


If your looking for day hikes I wouldn’t recommend this park. Algonquin Park and Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve have more to offer in terms of hiking quality. However, If you are looking for a winter destination or car camping, Arrowhead Lake is beautiful and the beaches are great to spend the day at.

Click on the BOX icon to make the Google Map full screen, to see all the photos I took and where they were taken. Click on the Blue photo symbol to see all the photos. There are 20 in total. I colour coded each hike: blue for Stubb’s Falls Trail, purple for Beaver Meadow Trail, brown for Mayflower Lake Trail, orange for Homesteaders Trail and teal for Lookout Trail.






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