Algonquin Provincial Park: Canoe Lake, Joe Lake and Littledoe Lake

Friends of ours had always heard about our canoe trips but had never been on one. So as a great way to see friends from Ottawa, Josée and I met some friends in Algonquin Provincial Park for a three day canoe trip.

July 27th 2018
Maggie, Derek Pa and Michelle all drove down from Ottawa and we met up at Canoe Lake. They got their rentals and at 17:00 we were off.

20180727_170013 edit smallMichelle walking from our canoes on Canoe Lake.

DSC02420Five of us paddling on Canoe Lake (Pa was taking the photo).

Tom Thompson2.9 kilometers in we visited a Tom Thomson memorial on Canoe Lake.

From Canoe Lake we did a 260 m portage to Joe Lake. The portage was pretty crowded but was easy going. The portage was maintained with crushed rock. From the portage we paddled another 1.2 km on Joe Lake to our campsite in the Western Gap.

20180727_191802 edit small.jpgOur site on Joe Lake located at 45.58, -78.72

This was an awesome site with a great area for swimming, a pulley system in place for hanging food, a tunderbox and several great tent spots.

DSC_0484 editTonight was a blood moon. This is the best shot I could get.

July 28th 2018
We woke up to an overcast morning, ate breakfast then set out. Just as we started paddling the rain started. Fifteen minutes later the sun came out.

20180728_100735 edit smallOne kilometer past our campsite on Tepee Lake.

2.6 kilometers further we hit Fawn lake were we watched a moose and its calf eat for fifteen minutes.

DSC_0546 edit smallFawn Lake.

From here we paddled to our campsite on Littledoe Lake.

20180728_112826 edit smallView from our campsite.

20180728_122226 edit smallOur campsite

We ate lunch then went for a little paddle to Tom Thomson Lake and swam on a small island.

20180728_152533 smallerOur swim spot on Tom Thomson Lake.

After our quick little swim we paddled back and hung out on our campsite for the night.

July 29th 2018
Our last day we ate breakfast and paddled back to our car. It was a beautiful sunny day!

Group Photo 1Group photo.

Click on the BOX icon to make the Google Map full screen, to see all the photos I took and where they were taken. Click on the Blue photo symbol to see all the photos. There are 16 in total. I colour coded each day. Purple is day 1, burgundy is day 2, orange is our side trip to Tom Thomson Lake, yellow is day 3. I also tried to take photos of campsites we passed to help anyone doing this trip.

Here is a little video from videos PA took:

July 27th 6.6 km
July 28th 5.4 km +3.9 km side trip
July 29th 11.5 km
Total trip: 26.7 km









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