Humphrey Barn and Nature Trails

In the spirit of trying to hike every trail around Parry Sound I can’t believe I missed these ones. There are 5 trails here (4 completed) that are track set for cross country skiing in the winter and are open all year round.

20190215_131242 edit smallThe barn at the start.

Rabbit Run:
This ~900 m loop is very quick and easy. It is for those just looking for a short walk to stretch the legs. Below is a sped up video of the entire trail:

20190215_111424edit smallThe entrance to all of the trails.

Bear Paw Path:
This 1.6 km loop trail is fantastic and easy to follow. It finishes off with the Rabbit Run trail meandering through the forest. Below is a sped up video of the entire trail:

20190215_124043 edit smallTrail junction.

Running Deer Trail:
This is a fantastic 2.0 km loop. Just like the Beer Paw Path it meanders through the forest where deer can often be seen on a less popular day. Below is a sped up video of the entire trail:

20190215_124905 edit smallLeft to Running Deer Trail right to Foxtrot and Moose Tracks.

Foxtrot Trail:
This is a fantastic 2.4 km loop. It follows the running deer trail with an additional 400 m loop. Below is a sped up video of the entire trail:

20190215_125603 edit smallThe foxtrot trail merging with Running Deer Trail.

Moose Tracks:
Currently this is a 3.2 km trail that almost goes to Big Whitefish Lake. However the trail is still under construction and it ends at a pond then loops back to the start. It is still beautiful trail and I highly suggest it. Below is a sped up video of the entire trail:

20190217_134231Unnamed pond on the Moose Tracks Trail.

Click on the BOX icon to make the Google Map full screen, to see all the photos I took and where they were taken. Click on the Blue photo symbol to see all the photos. There are 11 in total. I colour coded each hike: blue for Rabbit Run purple for Bear Paw Path, brown for Running Deer Trail, orange for Fox Trot, green for Moose Tracks.

Rabbit Run: 0.9 km 28 m elevation gain
Bear Paw Path: 1.6 km 56 m elevation gain
Running Deer Trail: 2.0 km 49 m elevation gain
Fox Trot: 2.4 km 67 m elevation gain
Moose Tracks: 3.2 km 71 m elevation gain

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