Algonquin Provincial Park: Peck Lake, Hemlock Bluff, Big Pines, Hardwood Lookout, Red Spruce Side Trail

January 14th 2017,
Peck Lake Trail: To start the day off we chose the Peck Lake Trail. This 2.1 km loop trail offers great views of Peck Lake. It is 500 meters shorter in the summer because you can park right at the trail head. The trail is fairly flat with only 54 m of elevation gain.

atphoto_gallery_map_626_98_1484414281008-945181284Peck Lake.

After this hike we were feeling a little bit more energetic so we decided to do Hemlock Bluff.

Hemlock Bluff Trail: This 3.4 km loop trail is fairly difficult. It has 265 meters of elevation gain so bring appropriate shoes/snowshoes. This trail is really cool in the winter. With the leaves gone from the trees the start of the trail starts off really bright. When the hike hits the hemlock bluff at 1.0 km the trail gets really dark. For the next 1.3 km the trail runs along Jack Lake until the trail brightens up again for the last 1.1 km back to your car.

atphoto_gallery_map_632_99_1484420462282-789833910Hemlock Bluff overlooking Jack Lake.

From there we headed to our airbnb in Maynooth.

20170115_095135.jpgOur Airbnb for the night.

January 15th 2017,
The next day we drove back to Algonquin park for another day of snowshoeing. Feeling a little lower in energy we decided to hike the Big Pines Trail.

Big Pines Trail: This trail is really cool. For 2.7 kilometers you are walking through a forest of white and jack pines. There are a few rolling hills but only 88 meters of elevation gain.

atphoto_gallery_map_639_100_14844996846721364541812Sunday Creek.

After the trail Josee was pretty pooped so she dropped me off to do Hardwood lookout.

Hardwood Lookout: This 1.0 kilometer loop trail is quite easy. The lookout is at the very end of the trail overlooking Smoke Lake. I would suggest rather than doing the loop just go the opposite way for the viewpoint. The photo at the top is the view from the top.

Red Spruce Side Trail: This 800 meter trail meanders through a forest with a sign below each variety of tree in the forest.

Many TreesLeft to right: White Pine, Black Spruce, Red Spruce, Eastern Hemlock, Balsam Fir.

Click on the BOX icon to make the Google Map full screen, to see all the photos I took and where they were taken. Click on the Blue photo symbol to see all the photos. There are 10 in total. I colour coded each hike: blue for Peck Lake Trail, purple for Hemlock Bluff Trail, brown for Big Pines Trail, orange for Hardwood Lookout Trail and green for Red Spruce Side Trail.

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