Waterfall Scavenger Hunt Part 1

June 23rd 2017

For a while I’ve looking for a place to throw in this short hike. After work one day I drove up to the Recolette Falls Trail in the French River Provincial Park. There is a short 3.2 km (round trip) trail. At the end of it there is a nice set of falls called Recolette Falls. These falls are located at  46.016591, -80.604150.

Falls Pano 1 editRecolette Falls.

September 16th 2017

Driving back from my trip to Sansawaju Mountain. (Read about it @ https://ontarioadventurer.ca/2017/09/16/sansawaju-mountain/ ) I saw a sign for Onaping Falls just off the highway. There is a short hike around the area and a great view of the falls were A. Y. Jackson painted Spring on the Onaping River. These falls are located at 46.591127, -81.380897.

Pano 1 editOnaping Falls.

April 8th 2018

On this day I visited four sets of falls : The fairy falls in Baysville, The High Falls in Bracebridge, the Wilson falls in Bracebridge and the Bracebridge falls in Bracebridge.

The Fairy Falls are located at 45.122373, -79.122399. There is a small section cleared for parking.

Fairy Falls 1 edit smallFairy Falls.

The High Falls are located at 45.088106, -79.302294. There is a large parking lot and picnic area. There are three sets of falls in this area. High Falls is off the hydro dam. Little High falls is the closest set south of High Falls. Just south of Little High Falls is Potts Falls.

four fallsTop: High Falls, bottom left: Little High Falls, bottom right: Potts Falls.

Wilson Falls are located at 45.061097, -79.309485. I have seen magnificent photos of these falls. Unfortunately they were dry when I arrived.

Wilson Falls 2 +.JPGWilson Falls

The last falls I checked out today were the Bracebridge Falls. These falls are located in the heart of Bracebridge and are located at 45.038756, -79.308218.

Bracebridge 2Bracebridge Falls.

April 21st 2018

The first set of falls I visited today were just off the 518. While paddling the Seguin River I had to portage around them. I got this photo from the same portage. There are several falls along the Seguin River that are all unnamed. This set is located at 45.410620, -79.761801.

Pano 1Seguin River Falls.

The next set of falls is located off of South Seguin Estates road at 45.424477, -79.687596. There are two sets of falls here one right after the other. Here is a photo of the 2nd falls.

pano 2 brighter edit smallerSeguin River Falls.

From here I went to Brooks Falls. There is a large parking lot here and park. There are several sets of rapids but the falls are located at 45.556605, -79.295656.

Pano 1 small fileBrooks Falls.

The last set I visited today are the Ragged Falls located at 45.391863, -78.906076. These falls are huge in the spring. Unfortunately I timed it wrong. Both the left and right section are overflowing during the spring melt. There is a dedicated trail and parking lot to these falls in the summer. In the winter you can park just outside the gate.

Good 1Ragged Falls.

April 22nd 2018

These falls are located just under the Trestle Bridge at the end of the Seguin River in Parry Sound. You can find them at 45.341214, -80.033083. This is the first time I got to play with a DSLR.

GOODSeguin River Falls.

April 23rd 2018

This set of falls is located just off the 141 at 45.221028, -79.522403. They are called the Minehaha falls.

Good 4 editMinehaha Falls.

Further down the road off of Fish Hatchery road is Fish Hatchery park. There is a 500 meter hike to Hatchery falls. The falls are located at 45.223787, -79.510041.

1 THE BEST 0Hatchery Falls.

Click on the BOX icon to make the Google Map full screen, to see all the photos I took and where they were taken. Click on the Blue photo symbol to see all the photos. There are waterfalls not covered in this blog post. This is an on going project.

Here is a video of 5 of the falls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJyG64uQmsc




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